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Adults Events

Into the Wild - Bushwalking and Navigation skills

Two days, camping included.
9.00 am Saturday - 3.00pm Sunday

Immerse yourself in this comprehensive, hands-on 2 Day course.

Discover a range of essential outdoor skills  and navigation techniques that will give you the confidence to venture Into the Wild.

Whether you are new to stepping outdoors or want to refine your skills this course is for you.

Weekend of Foraging 

Two days, camping included
9am Saturday - 3pm Sunday

Two days of Foraging fun!

Saturday ~ Foraging for edibles...weeds, bush foods, naturalised plants and coastal foraging.
Sample the foraged delights with our Wild Food Feast


Sunday  ~ Foraging plants for other uses and how to use them.
Plants for tinder and fire lighting tools.
Fibre for cordage and weaving, dyes, resins and more.

Wilderness Survival Basics 

One day course

The Wilderness Survival Basics course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to confidently step out into the wilderness.

Whether it be a weekend camping trip with the family, bird watching, trail running, hunting or a remote multi-day hike, this course is for you.

During this hands-on practical workshop you will learn the essentials required to survive, and how to prepare yourself for your wilderness experience.

Learn how to reduce risk and discover what equipment you should carry with you when going bush.

TBC Mid 2024

ReWild Tribe Camp

4 Day Rewilding Camp
Wednesday to Sunday 

ReWild Your Tribe is a nature connection, rewilding camp that runs over four days.
Camping in a lush green valley, on the banks of the Tweed river in Northern NSW.

Experience the village, find your Tribe.
Rediscover your primitive roots.
Learn how to be at home in the wild.

Participate in daily activities such as foraging, fire lighting, weaving, nature connection, ancestral movement.
Learn survival skills such as finding and purifying water and Shelter building, 
Extra activities just for the kids, nature craft, games and more.

In the evenings share a communal meal, learn to navigate by the stars, experience a silent Zen meditation walk, tell stories and dance to the drums around the fire.
Find you inner Wild Child.

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