Kids and Teens Events

Wild 1 -

School Holiday Survival Skills Workshop

Wednesday 22nd September 2021
9am- 3pm

Join us for a day of fun, adventure and nature connection.
Learn survival techniques such as lighting fire with flint and steel, fire by friction and flint and steel, shelter making, rope work, navigation, bushcraft,  the art of camouflage and nature awareness.

For kids aged 7-15 years

Wild 2 -

School Holiday Weapons and Traps Workshop

Thursday 23rd September 2021

Learn about traditional hunting and trapping methods utilised by cultures from all around the world.

Master your knife skills while making your own spear. Make string from natural fibres.

For kids aged 7-14 years

Kids gone Wild, Navigation and Orienteering adventure

Friday 24th September 2021
9am - 3pm

Kids gone wild, Navigation and Orienteering adventure is a brand new School Holiday event, promising the same fun and excitement as Wild 1 and Wild 2 but covering new skills.

A day of fun and adventure while learning how to navigate using a map and compass, you'll also learn about managing risks in the outdoors.

For kids aged 7-14 years

Wild Play

School Holiday Survival Skills Workshop

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Christmas Holiday Workshop

This is a fun based, nature play program for younger children.

For kids aged 5-7years

Survival Quest- School Holiday Workshop

Christmas Holiday Workshop
9am- 3pm

In this fun-filled Adventure Program Kids work together as a team to complete the challenges to "Survive".

For kids aged 7-14 years