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About ReWild

We love being outdoors in the elements and running WILD!


Our programs and workshops teach Nature awareness, Wilderness Survival and the Primitive Skills that our ancient ancestors used every day to survive.

Light fires, build shelter, navigate, track animals, forage, make cordage and discover the art of camouflage.

Explore activities and games that awaken your senses.

Connect with nature.

Don’t just survive, learn to thrive.

Our Mentors

Team Leader - Scott Poad

Scott is a passionate Bush Crafter and Survivalist with 19 years Outdoor Education experience.

He has worked with Corporate groups, At-Risk-Youth, Backpackers, School and Home school groups.

Scott teaches Abseiling, bushwalking, mountain bike and white-water canoeing and is qualified in Wilderness First Response.

He is an avid adventurer and his interests include Primitive Technology, mountain biking and endurance events.

Mentor - Sally Warren

Our mentor Sally is “in love with nature and nurture”.

A mother of five children, she is a Home Educator, Massage Therapist and Permaculture Designer.

She is passionate about foraging for edible weeds and native foods, weaving, herbal medicine, biological parenting and education reform.

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