Into the Wild

6th and 7th March 

Do you want to spend more time in nature? Perhaps get off the beaten track, away from the crowds? During this course you'll gain the skills and knowledge to allow yourself to confidently venture INTO THE WILD

This weekend workshop is an in-depth look at plants growing in our local environment and their many uses. It's a hands-on experience where you learn how to identify plants, harvest them sustainably and how to prepare and use them.

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What we do over the weekend

The Weekend of Foraging is an adventure into the world of plants.

On this journey you will discover almost 100 wonderful plants for edible, medicinal and other uses. 

The workshops run from 9am until 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Most people bring camping gear and camp overnight but you can attend just during the day. 

The focus of our first day, Saturday is Wild Edible plants. 

On Sunday we collect plants for fibre, fire and resin.

You will receive plant-id print-outs to help you forage at home.
Learn about deadly/ harmful plants and the dangers of incorrect identification.
Learn to identify and correctly prepare plant material. 

Sustainable harvesting practise, how to collect plant material from native bush land without having an adverse effect on the environment.

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When, Where and How Much?

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th March 2021 

Daily from 9am-4pm


The workshop is held at 3 Wishes Farm in the Tweed Valley in Northern NSW.
On the banks of the Tweed River the property has open farm land, pockets of rainforest and bush.


How Much:
$280 for both days.  (plus booking fee)

$150 for one day. Each day can stand alone so you can come for one day on Saturday or Sunday.

*Limited positions available. Bookings are essential.

**Camping is free with ticket purchase,

***Participants are required to bring all their food for the duration of the course. Basic cooking facilities and icebox are available in the communal camp kitchen.  

****Book for two or more people (in the same order and receive 10% off your booking ..use the booking code "bringafriend")

What to bring?

Comfortable shoes for walking in rough terrain, drinking water, a day pack and lunch, a raincoat for wet weather.

If camping you will need to bring your own tent and camping gear.

The camping area has a camp kitchen with gas cooktop, sink, cooking utensils, a composting toilet and hot water outdoor shower.
Please bring your own plate, mug and cutlery.


The Program

Day 1

Get Into The Wild

We take a foraging walk through the bush and back along the Tweed river, identifying Native bushtucker and some introduced/ naturalised shrubs found on site.(The walking component is only about 2km…there is lots of stopping and learning along the way.)

What common Garden and Pasture weeds are edible?

Harvesting and processing.

Wild-harvest afternoon tea.Taste a range of delicious goodies made from native plants and weeds.

In the afternoon session we cover a huge range of coastal edible plants and end with an informal info sharing session and about books and other resources to extend your knowledge of foraging.


Day 2

Introduction to Wilderness Navigation


The focus on our second day is Foraging for plants for uses other than food.


Plants for cordage, plants used for tinder and for making fire drills, resins, fish poisons, weaving, dying and more.


Harvest materials.

Learn how to process and store them.

Make cordage (string) from locally harvested plants.


Learn how to make a primitive fire lighting kit Then create fire by friction utilising these tools.

Resin demonstration. Plants that can be used as "glue". Processed resins can be used for countless applications many of which will be demonstrated on the day

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